Thursday, 27 September 2012


Smith`s latest work questions the fragmentary nature of our modern lifestyles.We are all forced to move swiftly from one task to another; none of the paths we follow seem to link to the other regions in our lives - the other little fragments of paper, which, to an outside observer, contain everything we are and ever have been.

Yet can we change what will be? Can we make the fragments of paper join together and be one again? And can we make them finally interlink? More to the point, will we ever succeed in making out lives more than just a stack of paper - and should we want too?

Life is like a stack of paper - delicate and erased by even the slightest breeze; but also, beautiful, resilient, and unpredictable. Millions, even billions, of years can be spent building beauty, only for it to be destroyed in a second; even then, it is not truly gone: it returns at a later time, with a different, majestic, equally intricate solution, only for the slate to be wiped clean, time and time again.

The paper leaves no scars; it is enjoyed in the moment, then lost, forgotten, to reappear in a different form for each different observer. This is the way things have always been; is it how they always will be?

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